Family Breaks Floorboards to Save Their Drowning Cat
Vannah Vercetti, from South Texas, feared she would lose her beloved cat forever when a widespread flood occurred in the region.
Mom Finds Injured Dog on Hike, Carries It All the Way to Safety
Tia Vargas, from Idaho Falls, Idaho, was hiking at Table Rock when she discovered an abandoned who was limping badly and had trouble walking.
Deployed Soldier Saved Abused Dog, Tries to Bring Him Home
David is a soldier in the United States Army who is fighting to bring a new friend home with him from amidst the civil war in Syria.
Journalist Annoyed by Dog on Plane Until She Hears Owner’s Story
Mary Schmich, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist at the Chicago Tribune, was dismayed to discover that the passenger next to her had a dog on the flight.
Neglected Horse Meets Kindred Spirit, Finds the Will to Live
Shay the horse was never loved right, but when Dani, a woman with Borderline Personality Disorder, came into her life, everything changed for both of them.
Scared and Neglected Miniature Horse Calmed by Sweet Dog
Darlene Kindle had rescued Sammy, a neglected horse that had been found wandering around, but it was her dog, Molly, that really comforted the scared horse.
Seven Castaway Puppies Rescued From Their Own Gilligan’s Island
JR Cook was fishing near Cross Lake in Manitoba, Canada, when he heard a strange crying noise in the darkness, coming from a small remote island.
Teen on Vacation Sees Abandoned Puppy, Persists to Save It
Elliot Sherin was on vacation in Jamaica, when she spotted an abandoned and malnourished puppy on the beach. Through her persistence, she was able to save it.
Inmate Turned His Life Around After Being Tasked to Train Dog
Jason Bertrand spent 15 years in prison. As the end of his sentence approached, he was given the opportunity, with TAILS, to train a rescued pit bull.
Broadway Actress Adopts Three-Legged Dog, It Changed Her Life
Broadway actress Dee Hoty adopted a three-legged dog named Sophie at Broadway Barks, an annual pet adoption event in New York.
Dog Rescued From Lab Finds Forever Home Thanks to Another Dog
Lynn Jefferson rescued Remi, a beagle who had been raised inside a cage, but was afraid she'd have to rehome her when she struggled to bond with ...
Injured Dog Hitched Ride on the Back of a Cyclist
Dixo and Jarrett Little had been cycling through Columbus, Georgia, when they came across a 5-month-old dog that looked like it had been hit by a car.
Dog Won’t Stop Crying Near Pregnant Owner, Knows She’s Sick
Alhanna Butler was pregnant with when she started getting constant pain. Doctors dismissed it as being normal, but her Akita dog knew that something was wrong.
Cat Stole Dog’s Newborn Puppies and Took Over as Their Mom
Miss Kitty was ready to be a mom when tragedy struck and her kittens died. However, it just so happened that a neighbor's dog had given birth.
‘Lion King’ Actor Adopts Abandoned Dog, It Changes Both of Their Lives
Stephen Carlile, most famous for his work in "The Lion King," adopted an abandoned dog and it ended up unexpectedly changing his life.