In the Community

Instead of Jail Time, He Got a Second Chance Through the Arts
Daniel Aguilar faced the prospect of a criminal record before he was 18. But then he joined a Young New Yorkers program as an alternative to incarceration.
Aspiring Businesswoman Invents for Immigrant Families
Mehrin Maisha is a 14-year-old new immigrant to the United States. An aspiring entrepreneur, she invented a lamp that helps people who share a bedroom.
Dedicated Man Survives Cancer Battle to Continue Donating Blood
Bill Goldsworthy has been an Eagle Scout, fire chief, and even a mayor, but what gives him the most satisfaction is donating blood to The Red Cross.
9/11 Survivor: ‘It Was the Loudest Noise I Had Ever Heard’
Elinda Kiss was having a meeting in the Ball Room of World Trade Center 3 when the first plane struck One World Trade Center.
9/11 Survivor: ‘I Looked Up and Saw Things No One Should Ever See’
Wendy Lanski describes herself as a wife, daughter, friend, a senior manager, and, after 9/11, she can, unfortunately, add terrorism survivor to that.
How 9/11 First Responder Found Healing Years After the Attack
To retired serviceman Josh Grzywa, one of the first responders on the scene of the attack on the Pentagon, 9/11 is anything but a distant memory.
Search for a Kidney Donation Touches 12 Different Lives
Brendan Flaherty was born with Denys-Drash Syndrome, and was in desperate need of a kidney transplant. His search ended up helping more than just himself.
Former Prisoner Is Now a Law Professor at a Prestigious School
In his youth, Shon Hopwood of David City, Nebraska, robbed five banks with his friends. That landed him in prison, where his interest in the law started.
Music Producer Records Prisoners, Gets Nominated for a Grammy
Ian Brennan created the Zomba Prison Project in Malawi, whose album was nominated for a Grammy Award.
Vietnam Veteran Rides Across the Country for Wounded Veterans
Ron Davis joined the Marines in 1967 and volunteered to deploy to Vietnam. Now, he's raising money for wounded veterans returning from war.
Determined Woman Makes Military Dreams a Reality
Bliss Hutchings faced adversity when she decided on a military career. But that didn't stop her from trying and succeeding to get a West Point appointment.
Sexual Abuse Survivor Runs Across the US to Help Other Victims
Christian Griffith was sexually abused by his mother as a young child. Now, he's raising awareness for child abuse by running across the whole country.
Gas Station Owner Shares His Cut of Winning Lottery Ticket
Ameer Krass, owner of Riverdale Lukoil South in New Jersey, which sold the winning ticket of the Mega Millions lottery, shared his cut with his employees.
Car Restorers Help After WWII Veteran’s Mustang Was Stolen
Harry Donovan is a World War II veteran and car enthusiast. He hired a man named Daniel Lee to restore his vehicle, but Lee stole the vintage ...
Young Man Sees Duplex on Fire, Immediately Acts to Save Lives
Skyler Klevgard was driving to renew his EMT certification in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, when he noticed flames consuming a duplex.
Star Basketball Player Finds Passion After Tumultuous Youth
Robert "Stix" Mitchell was a star basketball player at Seton Hall University in New Jersey, until a series of incidents stalled his dreams.
Sheriff and Deputy Discovered They Go 15 Years Back
Ozaukee County Sheriff James Johnson received a letter from a school kid when he was in Iraq. Years later, he discovers the sender was actually his deputy.
Woman Graduates Law School to Learn She Couldn’t Take Bar Exam
Tarra Simmons of Bremerton, Washington, was not allowed to take the bar exam by the Washington State Bar Association because of her prior drug felony convictions.
Woman Fighting Cancer and Depression Finds Hope in Fitness
New Yorker Leslie Sterling has breast cancer and also suffers from major depression. It was one chance meeting with an old friend that would give her hope.
Hiking Friends Inspire Thousands to Clean Up the Trails
Bill Willoughby and Steve Jewett have had a lifelong love for nature - and it's inspired others seeing them hike to clean up just as they do.
Rollerblading Across the US, Girl Proves Kindness Still Exists
Yanise Ho, 23, is rollerblading across the United States. She's relying solely on the goodness of others to provide her with food, water, and shelter.
Former Homeless Woman Strives to Help Her Community
Mary Fosheé and her two sons were forced to leave their home in California, and they ended up homeless. Then an unexpected gift got them back on ...
After Discovering He Shot a Little Girl, Man Turns Himself In
James Scott Berish was putting a handgun away, when he accidentally fired it. The bullet traveled through the floor and hit a sleeping girl in the stomach.
Physical Therapist Treats Patients Against the Clock
Gabriella Camacho, of the University of Cincinnati, traveled to Mexico to treat patients. It ended up being an unforgettable experience.
Army Veteran Found His Purpose After Surviving Heart Attack
After a brush with death, 63-year-old U.S. Army veteran, Walter Clemons, wondered why he had been spared. Then during recovery, he said God spoke to him.
Award-Winning Theater Producer Helps Strengthen His Community
Voza Rivers, the executive producer of the Harlem Week Festival, has helped shape and influence Harlem, New York, through arts and theatre.
Famous Chef Forced to Abandon His Restaurants Due to War
Imad Alarnab was a chef and restaurant owner in Damascus, until he was forced to flee because of the civil war in Syria. Now he's finally back ...
Former Prisoner Gets Second Chance at Famous French Restaurant
Josh Cooper, a 29-year-old from Cleveland, Ohio, has always had an interest in cooking. However, the criminal justice system would put that dream on hold.
At 13, This Girl Is One of the Youngest Female CEOs in the US
Mikaila Ulmer, from Austin, Texas, is just a teenager, but she's also the CEO of Me & the Bees Lemonade, a company that makes some special lemonade.
Meet the People Impacted by the Waffle House Shooting
Coverage of the Waffle House incident in Antioch, Tennessee, mainly focused on the shooter—but the true scope of this saga extended well beyond those two.