Arts & Culture

Instead of Jail Time, He Got a Second Chance Through the Arts
Daniel Aguilar faced the prospect of a criminal record before he was 18. But then he joined a Young New Yorkers program as an alternative to incarceration.
‘Let the Wheel Do the Work’: A Talk With Master Potter Guy Wolff
Guy Wolff opened his first pottery shop in 1971 and from there, things snowballed until he became known as America's iconic potter.
Virtuoso Nemanja Rebic on Using Music for Greater Service
Nemanja Rebic uses every opportunity his virtuosic guitar playing affords to talk about the persecution Falun Gong in China.
Georgia, a Beautiful Country With a Fascinating Culture
Georgia is an interesting country that was established in the classical era. Historically, it was a part of the Silk Road, connecting Europe and Asia.
Artist Naima Green Recontextualizes Black Bodies in Urban Spaces
Naima Green's photo series "Jewels from the Hinterland," challenges how black and brown people are viewed in dense urban cities like New York.
Brothers Create Incredible Stop-Motion Films Out of Lego
Matthew and Paul Bentler created BrickBrosProductions, which makes Lego movies that are captured frame by frame, then put together via stop-motion animation.
Rick Kelly Crafts Guitars From the ‘Bones of Old New York’
Rick Kelly of Carmine Street Guitars makes handmade electric guitars from the reclaimed wood of some of New York City's most iconic historical buildings.
Pianist Asiya Korepanova Finds Magic Hidden in the Details
Asiya Korepanova, like all musicians today, grew up with recorded music, which changed not only the way classical music is consumed, but how it is performed.
Award-Winning Theater Producer Helps Strengthen His Community
Voza Rivers, the executive producer of the Harlem Week Festival, has helped shape and influence Harlem, New York, through arts and theatre.
Meet Jacques Torres, the Illustrious Mr. Chocolate
Jacques Torres grew up in Provence, France, and has turned himself into one of the most revered pastry chefs and chocolatiers in the world.
Maestro Overcame Alcoholism to Create His Own Orchestra
George Marriner Maull, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, grew up with music and pursued it as a career. However, his addiction to alcohol got in the way.
Native American Model Preserves Her Culture Through Her Work
Daunnette Reyome got her "big break" in modeling as a child. However, it wasn't just the start of a career for her, it also allowed her to ...
Teen Delivered Pizza Then Wowed Family With Stunning Piano Solo
Bryce Dudal went to Paul Varchetti's house to make a pizza delivery. Little did he know that he would end up playing their baby grand piano and ...
Parents Discovered 2-Year-Old Son’s A Piano Prodigy
Evan Le was just 2-years-old when his parents found out he had an incredible talent. While his brother randomly mashed piano keys, Evan was different.
Fashion Model Pooja Mor Talks About What Keeps Her Grounded
Pooja Mor, an Indian model who has walked and posed for the likes of Givenchy and Louis Vuitton, was thrust into the limelight by a quirky twist ...
Erik Shirai’s Unfiltered Portraits of Quiet Lives
The 144-year-old Tedorigawa Yoshida Sake Brewery in Japan toils to keep a dying art alive, as ownership passes from one generation to the next.
Couple Bought Abandoned 1700s Chateau Site-Unseen
Karina and Craig Waters had fallen in love and bought the Chateau without first seeing the inside. Little did they know what awaited them behind the door.
Music Therapist Helps Figure Skater Come to Terms With Her Past
Christina Britton Conroy, a music therapist, had spotted the former figure skater stretching when she invited her to a one-on-one music session.
Preserving the Legacy of the Luthiers
Thinking about investing in a Stradivarius or a Guarneri del Gesù? Well, sound is the very last thing you should consider.
Blooms in New York Breathe New Life Into Centuries-Old Japanese Art
NYBG's fall chrysanthemum exhibitions are extraordinary every year, thanks to horticulturalists bringing the art over from Japan piece by piece.