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Mom Found Her ‘North Star’ in Adopted Son
Ann Miller adopted Salifu Sesay as a toddler when he was injured in Sierra Leone, West Africa, after rebels attacked his village.
Search for a Kidney Donation Touches 12 Different Lives
Brendan Flaherty was born with Denys-Drash Syndrome, and was in desperate need of a kidney transplant. His search ended up helping more than just himself.
Gold Star Mother Helps Other Army Families Connect in Crisis
Diane Frappier suffered unimaginable loss when her son died while serving in the Air Force. As a result, she threw herself into her work with the Red ...
Heart Recipient Writes Grateful Letter to Donor Family
John Dickhout woke up one day, not feeling well. His heart was racing. After seeing a cariologist, it turned out he needed a heart transplant.
Digital Artist Fights Bullying With the Help of Superheroes
Josh Rossi, a digital artist, created a photo series of his daughter as Wonder Woman. The pictures went viral, but she became the target of bullying.
Businesswoman Forgives Employee Who Stole All Her Money
Yingchun, from Beijing, China, owned a production factory and business was booming. This all changed when her business manager stole all of her money and ran.
Brothers Turned Life Around After Serving 17 Years in Prison
Darryl and Darnell Epps are brothers from Brooklyn, New York. When they were yound adults, they would make a decision that would change their lives forever.
After Losing Son in House Fire, Couple Try to Save Others
Gerry and Bonnie Gibson of Snohomish County, Washington, lost their son after an electrical fire broke out. There was no smoke alarm in the house.
Pearl Harbor Sailor’s Family Finally Gets Closure 77 Years Later
The remains of George Harvey Gibson, a U.S. Navy sailor killed in the bombing of Pearl Harbor, are finally buried almost 77 years after his death.
Student Pushed Herself After Spending Childhood in Orphanage
Kalpana Kindo grew up in an orphanage in India. There, she met Caroline Boudreaux, an American businesswoman, who would end up helping her go to college.
One Man’s Blood Donations Have Saved Millions of Babies
James Harrison, from New South Wales, Australia, has provided more than a thousand blood donations over the span of 50 years.
Couple Couldn’t Afford to Meet, Go Viral to Make It Happen
C.J. Poirier had been in an online relationship with Becca Warren for six months when the two 19-year-olds decided that they wanted to meet in person.
Teenager Locked Herself Away From the World for 15 Years
Tianxue from China, stopped talking at 15. She was then diagnosed with OCD and also developed anxiety issues. It got so bad that she locked herself up.
Counselor’s Fears Come True After Husband Joins Military
Melissa Porrey of Alexandria, Virginia, had seen a lot of difficult and tragic things during her time as a mental health counselor for military families.
Quick-Thinking Girl Saved Boyfriend After Lightning Struck Him
Isaiah Cormier and Juliette Moore were camping in Nederland, Colorado, when a flash of lightning struck Cormier. Thankfully, Moore knew exactly what to do.
Teen Auctioned Off His Pig to Raise Money for Girl With Cancer
Waylon Klitzman, a 15-year-old from Evansville, Wisconsin, wanted to help his former teacher's niece who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a form of cancer.
Woman Struggled With Fertility, So Friend Kindly Donated Eggs
Chelsea Judd tried for years to have a baby, but when she saw that her eggs were not viable, a friend, Tia Stokes, decided to step in ...
Husband’s Beautiful Messages for Depressed Wife Were Profound
Sarah Loucks was doing the dishes when she suddenly had a depressive episode. She hadn't been triggered. It all stemmed from her bipolar disorder.
Runaway Boy Helped by Good Samaritan
Xiaoman is a 12-year-old Chinese boy who wished to have a happy life. His parents had divorced when he was little, and his father, who had custody ...
Wife’s ‘Nagging’ About Seat Buckle Saved Baby’s Life
Rebecca Tafaro Boyer was back at work after giving birth. When her husband sent her a photo of their son in his car seat, she immediately knew ...
Sibling Love Helped Girl With Major Brain Damage Heal
McKinley Blue suffered brain damage after a car crash. As a result, she had to relearn many skills. Throughout it all, her sister was there to support ...
Husband’s Reaction After Maid Scalds Baby Touches Furious Mom
Jinghan Naan, a mom from Singapore, was extremely angry when her maid accidentally scalded her 7-month-old baby with hot water.
Months After Losing 3 Children, Mom Pregnant With Triplets
Lori Coble was driving home when a truck crashed into the back of her minivan. She survived but even the best experts weren't able to save her ...
Angry Wife Changes Mind After Doing Husband’s Laundry
Jonna Miller, a stay-at-home mom, had been angry at her husband. In her mind, he came home late from work because he didn't want to spend time ...
Wife Moved When Husband Jumps Out Car to Help Elderly Man
Tara Carter had been driving home with her husband, Chris, when all of a sudden he stopped the car and jumped out, telling her to go home ...
Daughter Overdosed on Heroin, Grieving Mom Writes Obituary
The United States is currently in the middle of an opioid overdose epidemic. Since 2002 the number of deaths from overdoses by heroin has dramatically increased.
Wife Emotional After Witnessing Husband Hard at Work
Chellie Heckman went to check up on her husband, Jason, after he hadn't come home. As a child services supervisor, he often had to deal with tricky ...
Estranged College Friends Have Surprising Run-In Years Later
Jeanne Mitchell had met Cyd in college, and they became fast friends. However, after college, life got in the way and they painfully lost touch.
Naval Officer Greeted With Pregnant Wife After 5mo Away
Natasha, wife of Petty Officer Chris Daugherty, was faced with a big dilemma when she discovered she was pregnant right after her husband was deployed.
Mom Delivers ‘Mo-Mo’ Twins, They Come Out the Womb Holding Hands
Sarah Thistlethwaithe had just delivered 'mo-mo' twins, but the first thing she heard afterwards was not their cries, instead she heard the doctor gasp.