Triumphs of the Human Spirit

Childhood Abuse Survivor Ran 3,000 Miles to Help End Abuse
Christian Griffith is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. He started a 3,000 mile cross country run with Help For Children to raise money and awareness.
Firefighter’s Actions Save Girl’s Life in School Shooting
Lieutenant Lazaro Ojeda of the Coral Springs Fire Department was one of the first responders on scene at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.
Snowboarder Mark McNorris Doesn’t Let Traumatic Crash Stop Him
Mark McMorris, a professional snowboarder, experienced a nearly fatal crash whilst snowboarding in Whistler, Canada.
Air Force Cadet Selflessly Saved 2 Strangers in 3 Days
Cadet 3rd Class Jack Bell is currently attending the United States Air Force Academy. But he has already done many good deeds in his life thus far.
A Teacher for 17 Years, But He Couldn’t Read or Write
John Corcoran began feeling left behind during the fourth grade. He ended up developing an array of tactics to get through college as an illiterate man.
Sex Trafficking Survivor Advocates for Other Survivors
Arien Pauls was trafficked and forced into prostitution by her then-boyfriend. She suffered for years before she was finally able to escape.
After Accident Traumatized Him, Hiker Found a Way Back Up
Cory Richards was climbing Gasherbrum II, the 13th highest mountain in the world, when a huge avalanche came barreling down and nearly killed him.
Mom Was Abused and Homeless, Now Opens Home to Others in Need
Je'net Kreitner experienced unimaginable abuse from people she trusted beginning at age 3.
Cancer Survivor Finds Passion and Starts Cooking School
Mia Russo Stern launched Brooklyn Culinary Arts, an online cooking school that focuses on cancer-fighting cuisine, after she beat breast cancer.
Professor Was Called a Career Criminal, Now Turned Life Around
Stanley Andrisse had just graduated from college when he was sentenced to 10 years in prison for drug trafficking. Now he's an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins.
Two Chinese Officials Persecuted for Not Denouncing Faith
Zhang Yijie and Mi Ruijin were officials of the government. They had been free to practice Falun Dafa until one day, China began persecuting the practice.
Programmer Shares About How He Overcame Losing His Eyesight
Programmer Kuki, from Romania, spent many hours in front of computers. So much so, that he developed glaucoma and was told he would likely lose his sight.
Man With Cancer Stopped Treatment, Results Surprised Doctor
Huang Shan, who worked in Toronto, Canada, was diagnosed with late-term lymphoma. He began chemotherapy, but a chance encounter was what helped him recover.
This 70y/o Overweight Yoga Instructor Is Far From Typical
Abby Lentz is 70 years old, and resides in Austin, Texas. She's a yoga instructor, but her class is far from typical. She teaches overweight students.
Dad Confronts Man Bullying His Cancer-Stricken Daughter
Brent Gehring had been carrying his daughter who has brain cancer and is unable to walk without her walker, when a stranger yelled at him to put ...
Amputee Proves Doctor Who Called Him a ‘Quitter’ Wrong
Dan Bastian from Poughkeepsie, New York, was diagnosed with cancer at 15. After a decade of battling the disease, he decided to have his leg amputated.
Neurofeedback: Retraining Your Brain to Focus
“I took him to every specialist imaginable. I had sleepless nights. All I could do was cry because I said, ‘There's something wrong with my son and ...
Man Who Hid His Clinical Depression for Decades, Speaks Out
Larry Bryant, from Alexandria, Virginia, has been contending with clinical depression, anxiety, and HIV for decades. He now speaks out to help others.
Founder of $450 Million Company Grew Up Without a Phone
Flávio Augusto da Silva, the founder of Wise Up, grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, under some tough conditions. However, he was serious about his education.
Child Refugee Faced Horrors of War Until Snake Bite Saved Him
Manyang Reath Kher grew up during the Second Sudanese Civil War and became one of "The Lost Boys," a group of around 27,000 children fleeing the civil ...
Girl Thought She Had the Flu Only to Discover It Was Cancer
Hailey Meche, from Louisiana, suddenly felt ill. Her mom thought it was the flu, but it turned out to be much worse. She actually had leukemia.
Incarcerated as a Teen, Man Found His Passion for Writing
Terrance Turner grew up in Tacoma, Washington, and at 15, he was convicted of robbery, kidnapping, and attempted murder. He was senteced to Juvenile Life.
Heroin Addict Became Sober After Meeting Her Soulmate
Suzy PetchEam always loved acting. During recovery, she began taking acting classes at Phoenix House with other addicts, which is where she met her soulmate.
Brave Girl Has Received More Than 50 Blood Transfusions
Tymia McCullough suffers from Sickle Cell Anemia. After a harrowing experience at the hospital, she's now motivating others to donate blood.
Shoe Designer Only Had ‘Luck’ After Manufacturer Stole Designs
Brian Munoz had always had an understanding of shoes, and he turned that love of shoes into his own shoe company called Penny Luck.
Army Vet Who Lost Both Arms Trained Himself to Be a Painter
Peter Damon was serving in the Army and was deployed to Iraq, when a horrific accident killed his fellow soldier and resulted in the loss of both ...
Risking His Life, Man Returns to South Sudan to Save Others
Malish John Peter, a humanitarian worker with CARE, braved danger and returned to his home country of South Sudan to help those affected by civil war.
Parents Try to Change Law After Losing Baby to Drunk Driver
Marcus Kowal and Mishel Eder were devastated when they lost their son. Now, they're fighting for policy change so others don't have to suffer like they did.
Empathy Helps Rebellious Girl Completely Change
Natalie, a woman from Germany, was rebellious as a girl. So much so that it landed her in foster care. She felt lost. But deep down she ...
Injured Woman Refuses Huge Compensation Because of Sister
Xuan Tieu, an Australian-Vietnamese woman, was driving when she lost control and got into a car accident. It left her badly injured and in constant pain.