Triumphs of the Human Spirit

Boy Suddenly Developed Tourette’s, Doesn’t Let it Derail Him
Trent Miller, an Ohio resident, was an energetic child. However, during 8th grade, everything changed when he was diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome.
IT Worker Struck With Disease, Doctor Confused by His Results
Zhang Liang, a software engineer for big Silicon Valley companies, had chronic gastritis. But when doctors checked his test results, they were stunned.
Injured Man Recovers From Bullet Wounds Without Treatment
David Liang went to South Africa to peacefully raise awareness of a human rights issue. He was met with gunmen who attacked him in a drive-by shooting.
US Moms Step Up to Help After Seeing Kids Suffer in Syria
Michelle Taylor, an Illinois mom, was pregnant when pictures of the devastation caused by the Syrian Civil War were broadcast around the world.
Woman With Cerebral Palsy Joined CrossFit, Can Now Pull Tires
Tiffany Eickhoff of St. Louis, Missouri, started doing CrossFit as a way to get fit, but soon realized it was doing "wonders" for her cerebral palsy.
Police Officer Saves Girl’s Life After Noticing Abnormality
Klynn Scales would wave at Jeff Colvin, a cop, every day from her house. Then one day, she wasn't there and his gut feeling told him something ...
Kind Man Invites Hungry Kids to Eat, Left Surprised by Bill
Akhilesh Kumar, from Katara, India, had just ordered when he noticed two hungry kids staring through the window at the food. So he invited them inside.
Woman Paralyzed After Imprisonment Miraculously Walks Again
Zhang Jie, 59, had been arrested for trying to exercise her right to petition the Chinese government. She was beaten until she eventually became paralyzed.
Doctors Puzzled by Man’s Cure for Sleeping Disorder
Ohad had been suffering from a sleep disorder. Although he looked normal, he experienced inexplicable fatigue and felt tired no matter how much he slept.
Tree Farm Employee Saves Autistic Boy’s Christmas
Julie Watt's autistic son was convinced that the pre-cut Christmas trees were fake. Luckily, Kevin Rose was working at the tree farm that day and had an ...
Patient Comes Into Hospital With GPS Sewn Into Her Skin
The doctor 'rolled his eyes' when the woman claimed she had been tagged with a tracker, but the X-ray revealed 'someone had tagged her as an animal.'
Boy Thinks He Saw Injured Man, But Bus Driver Doesn’t Stop
Jerald Withers was on his way home on the bus when he saw something on the side of the road. The driver assumed it was a deer, ...
Strangers Band Together to Save Elderly Driver After Car Crash
Tony Roberts, a security manager, was one of the strangers who jumped into action. He'd been at home when his wife ran in telling him to call ...
Courageous Woman Was a Homeless New Mom, Now She’s a CEO
Dalisia Brye had been homeless for 7 months during which time she gave birth to her son. Forward to a few years later, she's now a CEO ...
Man Born With No Hands Constructs Incredible Lego Models
Desmond James Calvert was born premature without fully developed arms or legs, but that didn't stop him from taking to Lego like "a duck to water."
Teenage Harp Player Battling Leukemia Doesn’t Give up on Her Passion
Isabelle Scott loved singing and the harp, and had been auditioning for college when she was suddenly diagnosed with leukemia.
Community Helps Stranded Widower Attempting to Spread Wife’s Ashes
Keith Smith was trying to drive to all 50 states ´╗┐to spread his wife's ashes, when he finds himself stranded in a parking lot with a broken ...